LUTRON Home Works Programming:

Lights, Lights and more lights, how can I make them all turn off at the same time?

Programming & Management

We can provide the following Automation Programming and Management Services:

AMX Netlinx Programming:

It is not always about the bits, bytes and strings, but keeping up to date on current products within AMX as well as the AV market place as a whole.  This can be a daunting task for any integrator, not to mention you also have to find the time to maintain certifications required by many manufacturers.  That said, the best programming comes down to how easy and efficiently it is to upgrade, when a new touch panel or component is added to the system.  We take pride in knowing that
when we hand off a programmed system, upgrades like this can be done
remotely or by any level of programmer with ease.

Project Management and Logistics:

If you have been on a project that never seems to end, it could be that there was no true Project Management or Logistics; this is where most automation projects go awry.  At the beginning of a project, we pull together all the  procedures required and give you a completion timeline based on your companies staffing and experience.  During the project we will keep all parties up to date with progress checks and an itemized to do lists.  The end result is a completed project that can meet deadlines and accomplish all details set forth by the Scope of Work.

Providing Pro AV Integrators with Automation Support Services