Providing Pro AV System Integrators with Project Support Services

Touch Panel Design:

Touch Panel Design seems to be the last thing that is done on   
most automation projects, but it should be the first. 

No automation system should be at the mercy of a poorly   
developed touch panel.   We make this our primary step for   
each and every project that we work on; to make sure that   
the desired functionality can be delivered as promised.

Drawings and Diagrams:

In too many instances you see drawings dictated by the installer, or what the industry calls ‘As-Built Drawings’.  Although this is better than no documentation at all, it will make configuration, programming and service maintenance difficult; as every project will be dramatically different from all others.  We can change this by providing an easy to read diagram of each subsystem, with our primary focus on Control and IP Networking.

Detailed Schematic's:

Not sure how an RS-232 should be pinned out or how the DSP  
processor needs to convert the audio signal from unbalanced   
to balanced.  Efficiency in the field is truly about the small   
details, and all too often they are left to trial and error.  We   
can provide this level of detail to keep your infield staff at   
their highest efficiency.

Design & Documentation

We can provide the following Design Services:

Written Scope of Work:

A good design is more than a list of components with a price.  Being able to properly communicate the work you will be providing to your end user is the key.  We will help you determine the required / desired functionality of your end user and make sure that all steps to complete the project have been properly identified and documented.